Thursday, April 2, 2009

Help Me Pick A Book!

Okay, so, I have one credit on PaperBack Swap and I'm having trouble deciding on a book to request. I mean, there are so many to choose from! I have this problem every time I go into a bookstore. Now is where you come in! I want your opinion on which book to get. Here are the main books I'm choosing from:

Revenge of the Homecoming Queen - Stephanie Hale
Prom - Laurie Halse Anderson
Reincarnation - Suzanne Weyn
Vegan Virgin Valentine - Carolyn Mackler
Crimes of the Sarahs - Kristen Tracy
Geek High - Piper Banks
How To Be Popular - Meg Cabot

Give me your top 3, please! Seriously, I appreciate all your help. You guys are great. =]


  1. I'd say
    1) Prom
    2) How to Be Popular
    3) Vegan Virgin Valentine

    I haven't read any but I've heard lots of good feedback about these 3, so...

  2. My top 3 would have to be:
    1) How To Be Popular
    2) Reincarnation (I actually just bought this one the past weekend)
    3) Revenge of the Homecoming Queen (I am just about to start the 3rd one in this series)

    The only one that I have read so far is the Meg Cabot one but the other ones look really great!

  3. My top 3 are:
    1 How To Be Popular
    2 Prom
    3 Revenge of the Homecoming Queen

    Happy Reading!