Saturday, September 5, 2009

Author Interview: Heather Davis

1. Tell us a little about your high school experience overall.

High school was ok -- for most of my time there, I was a girl who straddled
various social groups. I was in drama and art classes,but I also turned out for
swimming and diving one year. I did student governmentstuff, but I also was into
going out to underage clubs and hanging with that crowd, too. I was a National Merit
Letter of Commendation winner (the only girl who was in my school that year.) I guess I
was kind of a smarty pants with artsy tendencies. I don't think I ever really fit into
any group all the way, and maybe that, in itself, was kind of hard.
Also, I worked at a fast-food place my junior and senior years and let me tell you,
there is nothing as humiliating as serving a cheeseburger through a drive-thru window
to the boy youhad been crushing on all year. Yikes.

2. What was the best book you've ever read that was assigned reading?

Wow, that's a hard one. I think it may be Moby Dick. That one I had to read twice - once in
school, where I read just enough to write the assigned paper, and once as an adult, when out of guilt I made a point to actually re-read the whole thing. I loved it.

3. Why did you pick werewolves to write about as opposed to, say, vampires or witches?

At the time I wrote the book, there was only one other werewolf book out there that I knew of - Blood and Chocolate, from the 1990's. I really wanted to write another paranormal (I'd just written a ghost manuscript) so werewolves seemed a natural choice. Plus, I love that they are not undead - they are very much alive and human most of the time.

4. Is there a particular teacher you had in school that inspired you?

I had so many, but, I guess I really loved my art teacher Susan Aurand in college. She told me not to be afraid of creating junk, just to create! You can always refine a first draft, afterall. I still live by those words in my life.

5. What's your favorite thing about the fall season?

I love cold, crisp mornings and sunny afternoons. I love the idea of fireplaces and
soup simmering on the stove and curling up with a good book. I love wearing lots of layers
and really great boots. Can't wait!

6. What are you reading right now?

I'm reading a book by Eric Maisel called Creativity for Life. It's about sustaining your
energy as an artist/writer. I just finished Beating Heart by A.M. Jenkins a few weeks
ago -- that was amazing, spare, beautiful writing.

7. What YA fall/winter release are you most looking forward to?

So many, again! Can't wait to read my friend Diana Peterfreund's book Rampant, about killer unicorns.

8. Where is your favorite place to read/write?

This is cliche, but I love my favorite Seattle coffee shop for first drafts. It's
really comfortable for me to use my home office for revisions, but the hard thinking I
do "off-site" with a tall latte. ;)

9. Pick 3 songs you think readers should listen to while reading your novel Never Cry Werewolf.

I will Possess Your Heart by Death Cab for Cutie
The Killing Moon by Echo and The Bunnymen
My Moon My Man by Feist

10. The book you've been dying to read is out in paperback and hardback.Which one do you buy?
If I'm dying to read it - I'm buying it in hardback right when it comes out!
Hope you guys will stop by my blog at for release week, and go
to HarperTeen's site to read an excerpt of the book!!


  1. Excellent interview, I'm now wishing for a fireplace and some soup and a big comfy chair ;-)

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  5. Ha ha ha, she's so cool. I also like the idea of fireplaces its so nice. I wish I could go to a cafe like her to just type but I only have a prehistoric computer so its not possible!!! I hope i meet her collage teacher, the one that gave her the advice, maybe she'll help me!! ha ha ha

  6. Great Review. I loved the questions you asked- esp. #9. I love to know what music flows with the book.

    - Pixie

  7. Shawna

    How cool that her Fav place to read is at a coffee shop & She was in Drama in High school!!!

    Thanks for the fantastic interview!!!

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