Saturday, March 28, 2009

PaperBack Swap

I joined PaperBack Swap back in December but never really got active with it. I just made the account then forgot all about it. So today I was looking at my overflowing bookshelf thinking "Omg, I have got to get rid of some of these" and remembered PaperBack Swap.

A lot of the books I have are leftover from my younger years, ones I just didn't like, or ones I just don't feel like reading again. Of course, a lot of them are pretty good but I just need to make space for all the new books I've been getting lately. Therefore, I posted a few on the site and have already requested a new one. Pretty nifty, huh?

My nickname on PBS is: bball11kt
Feel free to 'buddy' me!

So my questions to you are: Do you use PaperBack Swap? How about similar book swapping sites? Which one is your favorite? How likely are you to get scammed?


  1. I LOVE Paperbackswap. It is heaven. I have looked at other swap sites like Book Mooch, but they never have the books I want available. Paperbackswap is the best. I have saved 76 dollars using it. I have never been scammed.

  2. Ooooh, bad girl's club is really good.

    No, I don't use it. Because of where I live, it's not practical to ship books to people in other places, plus I don't have that many!