Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gallagher Girls Chapter 12 Discussion!

Welcome to the discussion for chapter 12 of I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter! The discussion is open to everyone. There are no right or wrong answers so feel free to tell us what you really think!

1. Do you think what Cammie said about lies (that a part of you has to mean it) is true? What's the best/biggest/most believable lie you've ever told?

2. Do you think the girls' have been underestimating Macey?

3. Why do you think Macey has been putting up a front?

4. What was your reaction to learning that Macey really has been making an effort in school and tries to set up a study date with Cammie?

5. Cammie and her friends have an unspoken alliance with Macey. They don't neccessarily like each other but they need each other's help to meet their goals. Have you ever had a similar relationship with someone? How did it work out?

6. What do you think their next mission will be?

7. The girls are spies-in-training yet they just can't figure out boys. Why do you think they have such a hard time with that? Have you ever had any similar experiences?

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  1. 1. Oooh, tough question! Lies would be more believable if based on some truth, I agree. Most believable lie? Mmm, I have good poker-face in card games... does that count?

    2. Apparently I have been underestimating Macey, who is surprisingly decent for once! She's all right, I guess. It is a little interesting to watch her teach the GGs "boy smarts."

    3. Probably new school, trying to impress people, or maybe drive them away. I don't know. Probably not used to having friends...

    4. Like I said, she's not as bad as I first thought. :)

    5. Mmm, okay. School project groups or right now at work, it's okay...but it could be better (or probably more fun) if we clicked a little bit better!

    6. No idea what Mr. Solomon has in store for them! I'm sort of hoping they get to go "undercover" at the a public school function!

    7. It seems like they live very sheltered lives. And yes, I have experienced being boy-dumb, but I grew out of it after I realized they're the ones who are dumb ;} Kidding! Boys aren't too bad :D

  2. 1. Yes, it is easier to sound believable if there is a spin of the truth. I'm too much of a pollyanna to tell big lies. If any, I do little ones.

    2. Instead of underestimating Macey, I think the girls just didn't think of her much.

    3. With Macey's history, I think she is used to hiding her true self.

    4. Makes me like Macey more. And makes me curious to find out more about her.

    5. I find myself in similar situations in work environments. There are always people you just don't click with that you have to do projects with.

    6. Haven't a clue. Looking forward to what the author presents.

    7. Because boys are from mars and women are from venus.

  3. 1) I think it is true, In order to convince someone else you need to mean it. I'm not to good with telling big lies but small white lies i'm okay with

    2)Yes, although I think they knew she was bright because she tested well on the entry exam but because of her act they labelled her as a rich, spoiled airhead

    3)To wait until she found out if she wanted to liked the school and wanted to stay. Once she found out that it was a genuine spy school, and that she wanted to stay there she let her act go and tried to make friends.

    4)Quite suprised her act had me convinced that she was a right bith!

    5)When working in groups on a project

    6)I've read further on so I'm not saying anything

    7) Probably becuse they've been going to a girl school for so long that they haven't had a chance to interact much with boys, and so what boys say or behave as just really puzzles them because like vvb32 said boys are from mars and girls are from venus. Its kind of hard to understand the behavior of aliens