Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gallagher Girls Chapter 16 Discussion!

Welcome to the discussion for chapter 16 of I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter! The discussion is open to everyone. There are no right or wrong answers so feel free to tell us what you really think!

1. Cammie and Josh's note leaving arrangement - romantic or corny?

2. Have you ever been in a situation where two major events that you needed to attend were going on at the same time? (like Cammie and the career fair and her date)

3. What do you think Max Edwards meant by his "advice" to Cammie?

4. When Edwards said that "not everyone can live this life," was he implying something about Cammie, her father, or both?

5. Any guesses about how the big date will go?

6. How do they play rock, paper, scissors?

7. When Cammie got caught by a teacher with a note, she hid it in her mouth. Have you ever been caught with something that would be weird/embarrassing/otherwise not good for a teacher or authority figure to see? What did you do?

Thanks for participating with us!


  1. Hey there! A couple things before I begin:

    1) I love your new header! It's so pretty and colorful :D

    2) Your header says Ch 16, but later you say Ch 12. Don't worry, my brain has off days too!

    Onto discussion:

    1) The note-leaving is corny, but corny is right up in my alley! Definitely romantic and I think I might be more than excited that Josh decided to leave notes! (He's a keeper!) I thought it was hilarious that the GGs were trying to "decipher" the hidden message.

    2) Yes! At least hers was in the same town and not in 2 different locations! For me, it happens when there is some family event vs a social/school thing. And most of the time, family takes precedence.

    3) Not sure. Max seems like he could be a shady character - I hope we don't see more of him!

    4) Probably Cammie and her parents, seeing how she is technically a legacy as well. And I think Max paid her family a great compliment.

    5) I only hope it is fantastic and more than what Cammie can ever hope for. It will probably be awkwardly sweet and nerve-racking as Cammie tries to act "normal."

    6) I don't know, and frankly I'm a little disappointed that the rules were not revealed. I'm thinking it might possibly involve the actual objects...but how they play is beyond me!

    7) Don't believe I've been in that situation. I don't think I would stuff it in my mouth, however, because that would just draw further attention!

  2. Epic Rat - thanks for telling me! I fixed it now. =]

  3. i like your new color scheme too!

    1. Cammie and Josh's note leaving arrangement was romantic. But risky, what if the wind blew it away? or someone came across it and took it?

    2. It is very rare for me to encounter two major events at the same time. When it did I think I've tried to do both if it was physically possible (location-wise).

    3. It seemed like a warning, but I don't know from what.

    4. When Edwards said that "not everyone can live this life," I think he meant that you need to be tough-skinned. Also, you need to be serious and really want to commit.

    5. With Cammie, the date will probably go wacky some-how.

    6. Don't know.

    7. When caught at doing something, I got quiet.

  4. Is Max Mr.solomon?I Don't know.maybe I don't remember all that well.Or i'm crazy.That's always a posibility.The books could just be diferent.(I hope so.)