Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gallagher Girls Chapter 20 Discussion!

Welcome to the discussion for chapter 20 of I'd Tell You I Love You But Then I'd Have to Kill You by Ally Carter! The discussion is open to everyone. There are no right or wrong answers so feel free to tell us what you really think!

1. What would've happened if Cammie's mom and Mr. Solomon had caught her?
2. How do you think Cammie's mom's and Mr. Solomon's relationship will end up?
3. Did Cammie make the right choice in staying at the party?
4. Why did Josh choose Cammie over DeeDee?
5. What's the story behind DeeDee? Any ideas of what is going on in her head?
6. Were you impressed that Josh remembered her (fake) birthday? What does this say about him and his feelings for Cammie?
7. What was your reaction to learning that Cammie forgot her father's birthday?


  1. 1. Cammie would have been quietly escorted out and given a "talk" of some sort.

    2. Looks like Cammie's mom and Mr. Solomon might have a romance. Although I like to see them more as friends and close like in a brother/sister way.

    3. She didn't make the right choice because her cover could have easily been blown. However, she needed the experience and she's curious.

    4. Cammie was chosen because she is such a wildcard. She is someone new and exciting in Josh's world.

    5. DeeDee seems to be a childhood friend of Josh who wants or wanted to be more special to him. Not sure if she has something up her sleeve.

    6. Yes, definitely impressed by Josh remembering Cammie's fake birthday. It means he really cares and is making an effort to show it.

    7. Cammie is moving on with her life.

  2. 1. Oh, that would be pretty interesting. True spies would probably just have a "look" at her and then giving her a talk when they see her back at the Academy.

    2. I don't know. Maybe a romance, but given the specialness of the night, I think Mr. Solomon was just being nice and distracting her from past tragedies.

    3. Her friends risked their necks to save her, but I think Cammie's decision made sense. She couldn't exactly ditch Josh, and she was willing to risk her cover to sneak him out as well.

    4. Probably because she's someone new and seems interesting. Who doesn't have expectations of Josh and his future.

    5. DeeDee seems really nice, and I feel bad that she seems to have a crush on Josh.

    6. Yeah, means he's a keeper :) Though they don't really know each other that well - I'm not sure if earrings were the way to go.

    7. Sadness. Perhaps she is moving on with her life as Velvet said, but I am sure that Cammie will strive to never forget her father.