Monday, March 30, 2009

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do by Anne Dayton & May Vanderbilt

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do was a great sequel to The Miracle Girls. It was told from Christine's point of view, which was refreshing. I wasn't a fan of Ana so Christine's voice suited me much better. Christine's family issues allowed for more of a plot. Her dad's impending remarriage following her mother's death was the main focal point that the story revolved around. It was interesting to see how she dealt with the grief from the loss of her mom, her frustration with her friends, confusion with boys, and anger at her dad. It was nice to see that she escaped from the world by creating art.

I had a much easier time getting into this novel than I did the first in the series. The characters seemed more likeable in this point of view, not to mention realistic. The pace was quicker and there were more things going on to keep your attention. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do was a great improvement from The Miracle Girls. I can't wait to see what Dayton and Vanderbilt have in store for the third installment in the series, A Little Help From My Friends, which will be released October 15, 2009.

4 out of 5 stars

I recommend this book if you:
-enjoyed the first two books in the series
-liked the It's All About Me series by Shelley Adina
-liked the Sweet Seasons series by Debbie Viguie
-liked the Carter House Girls series by Melody Carlson
-are a Christian
-like contemporary Christian fiction

Sunday, March 29, 2009

In My Mailbox

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For review:

A Mao of the Known World by Lisa Sandell (ARC)
Bad Girls Club by Judy Gregerson (Signed)
Secrets of Truth & beauty by Megan Frazer (Not pictured, ARC)

From Contests:

The Singing by Alison Croggon
Sway by Zachary Lazar

From BookDivas:

Violet on the Runway by Melissa Walker

Checked out from the library:

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
Airhead by Meg Cabot
Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich-Smith
An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Saturday, March 28, 2009

PaperBack Swap

I joined PaperBack Swap back in December but never really got active with it. I just made the account then forgot all about it. So today I was looking at my overflowing bookshelf thinking "Omg, I have got to get rid of some of these" and remembered PaperBack Swap.

A lot of the books I have are leftover from my younger years, ones I just didn't like, or ones I just don't feel like reading again. Of course, a lot of them are pretty good but I just need to make space for all the new books I've been getting lately. Therefore, I posted a few on the site and have already requested a new one. Pretty nifty, huh?

My nickname on PBS is: bball11kt
Feel free to 'buddy' me!

So my questions to you are: Do you use PaperBack Swap? How about similar book swapping sites? Which one is your favorite? How likely are you to get scammed?

Book Trailer: What Would Emma Do? by Eileen Cook

This weeks book trailer post is for What Would Emma Do? by Eileen Cook. The plot looks amazing and the cover is gorgeous! It was released back in December (or January depending on what site you're on) so run out and get your copy now!

The Miracle Girls by Anne Dayton & May Vanderbilt

I would describe The Miracle Girls as being an 'okay' book. I can't put my finger on what was wrong with it exactly, but it just didn't grab my attention. I simply wasn't a fan of Ana's voice. The characters were likeable but not highly original. I thought the plot was strikingly similar to that of It's All About Me by Shelley Adina. They both take place in California and the girls have similar experiences.

It was interesting, however, that all the girls had lived through situations where they should have died. A good basis for an intriguing plot, but I didn't like where the authors took the story from there. There were a few good plot twists but not nearly enough. I have to admit that there was more than one boring moment. This novel was not something I would want to read again and again but it was entertaining at the time.

3 out of 5 stars

I recommend this book if you:
-liked the It's All About Me series by Shelley Adina
-liked the Sweet Seasons series by Debbie Viguie
-liked the Carter House Girls series by Melody Carlson
-are a Christian
-like contemporary Christian fiction
-liked Dayton & Vanderbilt's past novels

The sequel to The Miracle Girls, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, will come out April 16, 2009. (Review coming soon!)
The third book in the Miracle Girls series, A Little Help From My Friends, is set to be released October 15, 2009.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday (2)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a synopsis for this one..
But isn't the cover pretty?

I've read books by Rachel Vail in the past and I absolutely adored them. So I think it's safe to say that this one will be no exception.

Gorgeous comes out on May 26, 2009.

The Waiting On Wednesday feature was created by Jill at Breaking The Spine.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Teaser Tuesday (2)

Grab your current read.
Let the book fall open to a random page.
Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.
You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!
Please avoid spoilers!
Join the list at Should Be Reading.

"Christine holds up the rolling pin, takes a deep breath, then walks out of the kitchen and disappears into the hallway."

"All I really want to do is hide under the kitchen table."

From page 162 of The Miracle Girls by Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt

Sunday, March 22, 2009

In My Mailbox 3/15-3/21

Credit for creating the In My Mailbox feature goes to The Story Siren. You can find out more about it here.

For Review:

The Shape of Water by Anne Spollen , signed(Keep your eye out for a contest with this one!)
Another Kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby

The Loser's Guide To Life and Love by A.E. Cannon
Finding Cassidy by Laura Langston

From Harlequin Teen Panel:

Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder

From the library:

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

From a contest:

Shadowed Summer & bookmarks from Saundra Mitchell

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fairest of Them All by Jan Blazanin

Synopsis from

If life were a fairy tale, Oribella Bettencourt would have a "happily ever after" kind of future ahead of her. A Hollywood producer has come to Des Moines in search of a perfectly modern Princess Rapunzel, and Ori — a model, dancer, and star of the beauty pageant circuit — lands the part. And why shouldn't she? With her hardworking, self-sacrifi cing mother guiding her career, Ori is stunning, dedicated, poised...and then there's her hair. Breathtakingly lustrous blond hair that sets her apart from all the other girls at school. So what if she doesn't have any friends her age, or anyone to talk to other than her mother? She's on the verge of having everything she's ever dreamed of.

But in this fairy tale, the beautiful princess wakes up to her worst nightmare — when almost overnight, Ori begins to lose her hair....

Fairest of Them All was a great read. It was interesting to see how Ori handled her diagnosis and the consequent loss of her modeling/acting/pageant career. It was kind of sad that Ori had no friends and was basically socially incompetant because she threw all her energy into her career. I was happy to see that Ori finally got her chance to just be a teenager towards the end of the book.

My only complaint was that the transition to the new and improved Ori was a little sketchy. I felt like she jumped into her next big commitment really soon. It seemed like one second she was down and depressed and the next she was joining the volleyball team. I think I would've liked to see all that happen in more of a process over time instead of just instantly.

Blazanin had her own unique writing style and I liked it a lot. This novel was very memorable and I can see myself reading this again. The cover was beautiful as well. Fairest of Them All was Jan Blazanin's first published novel and I hope to see more from her in the future!

Fairest of Them All will be released April 21, 2009.

4 out of 5 stars

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Waiting On Wednesday

Synopsis from

If Nina Khan were to rate herself on the unofficial Pakistani prestige point system – the one she’s sure all the aunties and uncles use to determine the most attractive marriage prospects for their children – her scoring might go something like this:

+2 points
for getting excellent grades
–3 points for failing to live up to expectations set by genius older sister
+4 points for dutifully obeying parents and never, ever going to parties, no matter how antisocial that makes her seem to everyone at Deer Hook High
–1 point for harboring secret jealousy of her best friends, who are allowed to date like normal teenagers
+2 points for never drinking an alcoholic beverage
–10 points for obsessing about Asher Richelli, who talks to Nina like she’s not a freak at all, even though he knows that she has a disturbing line of hair running down her back In this wryly funny debut novel, the smart, sassy, and utterly lovable Nina Khan tackles friends, family, and love, and learns that it’s possible to embrace two very different cultures – even if things can get a little bit, well, hairy.

The cover is what made me check out this book originally, but the title made me think "huh, that's a weird title. I wonder what's up with that?" The plot looked really interesting and different, too. I can't wait until this book comes out on March 31st. Good thing I don't have to wait too much longer!

The Waiting On Wednesday feature was created by Jill at Breaking The Spine.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Teaser Tuesday

Hmm..possibly a meme overload on Tuesdays? I think I'll move Book Trailer Tuesday to Saturday. I haven't been getting very many comments on that anyway. =[

This is the first time I've done this particular meme so let me know if you think I should continue it!

Grab your current read.
Let the book fall open to a random page.
Share with us two (2) “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.
You also need to share the title of the book that you’re getting your “teaser” from … that way people can have some great book recommendations if they like the teaser you’ve given!
Please avoid spoilers!
Join the list at Should Be Reading.

This teaser is from Fairest of Them All by Jan Blazanin. I'm on page 150 out of 262 and I'm loving it so far.

"She gives us required reading for English Lit every week, but who has time for that?"

"We got a callback!" Mom screams into the phone, and I jerk it away from my ear."

Book Trailer Tuesday: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan

For this week's Book Trailer Tuesday post I decided to do a book that was recently released and has been getting a lot of great reviews so far: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan. I haven't read this book yet, but judging from the amazing things I've heard about it, it sounds like it would be well worth my time.

Already read FHT? Feel free to share your opinions or link to your review in the comments!

This trailer was a finalist for the Kirkus Reviews Teen Book Video Award in 2008.

Wasn't the girl's voice creepy? I wasn't expecting that part at the very end and it scared me!

The Forest of Hands and Teeth was released March 10th.

Thoughts on Book Trailer Tuesday? Love it? Hate it? Any trailers you'd like to see here in the future? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, March 16, 2009

TMI by Sarah Quigley

Synopsis from

Friends call Becca the Overshare Queen, but her tendency for TMI never seemed like a problem to her until she blabs about her sweet band-geek boyfriend's sloppy kisses-and gets dumped! Realizing it may be better to resist the temptation to overshare face-to-face, Becca decides to blog anonymously about everything instead. On her blog, Too Much Information, Becca unleashes her alter ego, Bella. Bella tells it like it is . . . though perhaps with a bit more drama. After all, no one's going to read it, right???

TMI was soo fun to read. The plot was hilarious and very believable. I happen to know someone who feels the need to share every little thing like Becca does so it was interesting to see things from that point of view. I also live in a small (actually microscopic would be a better word) town so I could relate to how everyone has to know everyone else's business. Basically, there is no such thing as keeping secrets, even if you wanted to. I could also relate to being repulsed by the guys in the 'Rod and Gun Club' because every single guy at my high school acts exactly like that. Sad, right?

This novel had some of the best writing I've seen in awhile. The plot was original and it kept me interested. I was hooked from the first page. Literally. The first line of the first chapter was so random/crazy/funny I just had to keep reading. An important quality I like to see in the books I read is being able relate to the characters and this one definitely had that for me.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I highly recommend it. I'm looking forward to reading more from Sarah Quigley in the future!
TMI comes out on April 16th!

5 out of 5 stars

Sunday, March 15, 2009

In My Mailbox (3/9-3/14)

Credit for creating the In My Mailbox feature goes to The Story Siren. You can find out more about it here.

I had a wonderful week in books! Seriously, people in the post office parking lot were looking at me weird when I was sitting in my (really crappy) car with this huge grin on my face when I was opening my packages.

For review:

Mackenzie, Lost and Found by Deborah Kerbel (Sign
Beige by Cecil Castellucci
Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty (ARC)

Cycler by Lauren McLaughlin (Signed)

From contests:

Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood
The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson
Read My Lips by Teri Brown
The Fortunes of Indigo Skye by Deb Caletti

Likely Story by David Van Etten

Spring Breakup by Stephanie Hale
Flygirl by Sherry L. Smith
Bliss by Lauren Myracle (and a Bliss T-Shirt!)


So, I'm pretty satisfied with my haul this week. What did you all get?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Fall of Candy Corn by Debbie ViguiƩ

Synopsis from

Halloween time at The Zone means monsters, mazes, and plenty of candy corn. Candace is shy about telling friends at church that she’s working as a maze monster. However, when she discovers her youth group has planned an outing to the park, her embarrassment quickly turns to stage fright!

The Fall of Candy Corn was an average novel. I enjoyed reading the first book in the series, The Summer of Cotton Candy, but I didn't think this one was as good. Although, the writing was of the same quality of the first one. The plot was also quite similar to it. So, since I've read that one I didn't think it was as interesting. As I'm typing this, I realize that it was a little more memorable than the first book since it had more danger and suspense.

Okay, enough with the compare/contrast. I really tried to like this book, but it just didn't do it for me. Granted, the plot was fun and fairly fast-paced but the characters were a bit flat for my taste. Definitely not the best book I've ever read but, you know, it still served its purpose of keeping me entertained for awhile. Isn't that the whole purpose of books? So, if you want something with a light subject matter to read when you're bored or on a rainy day The Fall of Candy Corn may be just what you need.

3 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Book Trailer Tuesday: Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty

I'm not sure if there is already a feature like this, but I'm going to start putting up posts dedicated to book trailers on Tuesdays. If anyone knows if someone already invented this feature, please leave a message in the comments so I can give credit where credit is due.

So, this week's trailer is for Perfect Fifths by Megan McCafferty. This particular trailer won a contest on Megan's blog a few weeks ago.

This book is the final novel in the Jessica Darling series and will be released April 14, 2009. I'm not 100% sure if this is officially a 'young adult' novel, but according to the series follows Jessica through high school and college so they're probably appropriate.

Any thoughts on Book Trailer Tuesday? Love it? Hate it? How can I make it better? Future book trailer suggestions? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

In My Mailbox 3/2-3/7

All the credit for creating the In My Mailbox feature goes to The Story Siren. You can find out more about it here.

This was a so-so week as far as the number of books I received. Nothing record-breaking but, hey, no complaints.

For review:

This Is What I Want To Tell You by Heather Duffy Stone
Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler


Kissing Booth by Lexie Hill
The Elephant Man by Christine Sparks

From the library:

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Captivating Covers (2)

Title: The One: A Chloe Gamble Novel
Ed Decter
Title: Surface Tension: A Novel In Four Summers
Author: Brent Runyon

My Review Policy & How To Promote Your Book On Katie's Bookshelf

After reading this blog post by Saundra Mitchell, I decided that it was a good idea to have a post dedicated to my review policy. So read on to find out how you can promote your book here on Katie's Bookshelf!
Authors, publishers, publicists and other bookish people are all welcome to contact me!

Email me at if you're interested in any of the following:

I love reading. I go through at least 3 books a week when school is in session. This number is a lot higher in the summertime.

It's no trouble at all to write a short review detailing my opinions and the pros and cons of a book. I can promise you that I will always be 100% honest in my reviews. I try not to sugarcoat or gush. While I won't bash a book, I will tell if I didn't like something.

I will review most types of YA lit. However, there are some exceptions:
  • graphic novels
  • ebooks
  • self-published
Guest Posts/Interviews:
Guest posts and interviews are an easy way to garner some free publicity. I ask some questions, you answer them, and you've got readers interested and itching to read your book. When it comes to guest posts all you have to do is ask - my blog is at your disposal!

I'm definitely up for hosting any kind of contest, giveaway, or promotion. Books, bookmarks, or other bookish swag are all fine. Preferably, I host the contest and you send out the prize(s) to the winner(s). Or you can send the item(s) to me and I can send them out. Whatever works.

Or, if you're having your own contest elsewhere, I can post a link in my sidebar under 'Contests & Giveaways.'

Widgets, Banners, etc.:
Have a widget or banner for your book? I'd be happy to post them in my sidebar.

Link List:
I'm planning on adding another section to my sidebar for links to authors' blogs or websites. It would take me all of 2 seconds to add you, so seriously, don't hesitate to ask.

(Insert Title Here) Week:
I've noticed that many other bloggers have had events like "fashion week" or "girl week." If you have an idea for a theme week that applies to you and your book, we can most likely work something out.

Book Trailers:
I have a weekly post dedicated to book trailers, so if you'd like to me feature yours, just ask!

Captivating Covers:
Think your book's cover is amazing? Chances are, I probably will too. I'm very interested in posting about it!

Think of something I didn't? Just let me know! I'm up for anything!

If you like any of the aforementioned ideas, please don't hesitate to email me at: bball11kt (at) sbcglobal (dot) net.

Interview with Ben Esch

Ben Esch is the author of Sophomore Undercover, which was released by Disney-Hyperion last month. You can find him on myspace here and facebook here. Also, be sure to check out his main website and play the Sophomore Undercover video game!


What sets Sophomore Undercover apart from other YA novels?

There's a lot of great books in YA, but I think Sophomore Undercover is different because it is exactly the kind of book that I wanted to read when I was a teenager but could never find. I think Sophomore Undercover hits a lot of different notes than a lot of the books that are out there right now, and I really wish I could send this book back to the fifteen year old me. Hopefully some kids out there who are like the fifteen year old me will find Sophomore Undercover and enjoy it. That's my goal as a writer.
I would also like to sell enough books so I can buy a jet ski. That's my second goal as a writer.

If you had to create a soundtrack Sophomore Undercover, what would be on it?

I guess I'll just have to go with the music that I listened to when I wrote it, which was basically Ratatat's "The Classics" on loop. Also, and this is kind of embarrassing to admit, but when I was feeling blue, I used to blast that Taylor Hicks song "Do I Make You Proud." I said, pretty embarrassing, but that dude can sing.

Are you working on any new YA novels? If so, can you tell us a little about them?

Yes, I'm under contract with Disney-Hyperion for another novel. We're still hashing out some of the details, but I'll be posting updates about this on my website ( very soon.

What are your favorite YA books/authors?

There are a ton, but I'm just gonna stick to the highlights:

King Dork by Frank Portman. The first YA book that I ever read, and how I found my agent. I don't think I ever would have gotten published without this book.

The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. Adam is the most talented guy in the entire YA world and possibly the nicest person I have ever met. Smekday is particularly cool, because Adam breaks up the text with really great illustrations and comic book panels.

Girls for Breakfast and Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before by Dave Yoo. Full disclosure: Dave is my favorite writer in the entirety of young adult literature. His books have a mix of humor and heart that's really unique and awesome. You really need to read these books.

I could go on with this all day, but some other writers that are rad: Emily Ecton, Paula Yoo, Jonathan Stroud, Sonya Sones, MT Anderson.

If SU were made into a movie, who would play the characters?

Dixie: I'm not sure. Somebody from Nickelodeon I guess? I kinda stopped watching that channel ever since they canceled "Clarissa Explains It All."

Huggy Bear (the hippy school counselor): John C. Reilly or Philip Seymour Hoffman., it has to be Zach Galifianakis. This role was made for him.

Rick (jock/bully): Brian Urlacher from the Chicago Bears with a blond wig.

Mrs. Trasker (Dixie's journalism teacher): Sharon Stone or Glenn Close.

Sergeant Presto (Dixie's dad): The guy who played the dad in Twilight or Tom Selleck.

Brandon (Dixie's older brother): That hunky guy from Twilight. I understand he's popular.

Can you summarize the plot of Sophomore Undercover?

Here's what the people at Disney-Hyperion worked up, and they do a much better job at explaining it than me:

For fifteen-year-old, adopted Vietnamese orphan Dixie Nguyen, high school is one long string of hard-to-swallow humiliations. He shares a locker with a nudist linebacker, his teachers are incompetent, and he's stuck doing fluff pieces for the school newspaper. But Dixie's luck takes a turn when he stumbles across one of the jocks using drugs in the locker room; not only does he finally have something newsworthy to write, but the chance to strike a blow against his tormentors at the school as well.

However, when his editor insists he drop the story and cover homecoming events instead, Dixie sets off on his own unconventional--and often misguided--investigation. He soon discovers that the scandal extends beyond the football team to something far bigger and more sinister than he ever thought possible. Once he follows the guidelines of his hero, Mel Nichols (journalism professor at Fresno State University and author of the textbook Elementary Journalism) this high school reporter just might save the world. That is, of course, if Dixie can stay out of juvenile hall, the hospital, and new age therapy long enough to piece it all together.

Part social satire, part teen-mystery parody, and wholly hilarious, Sophomore Undercover is a dazzling debut that will make headlines with teens everywhere.

What's the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome to get to where you are today as a published author?

The biggest obstacle was deciding that I wanted to be a writer and that I might be good enough to make a living writing books. I know that sounds pretty simple, but it took quite a while to drum up the confidence to believe a career as a writer was possible and even longer before I would admit it to anyone outside of my immediate family.

Up until the book sold, when people would ask me what I did for a living I used to stare down at my feet and mumble something like "oh, I just kinda do this and that" which is pretty embarrassing when you run into your old teachers at the supermarket.

Did any of your inspiration for this novel come from real life experiences?

Well, Sophomore Undercover is set in my home town, and pretty much all the characters are based on people I grew up with, so yeah, my real life experiences were a huge inspiration.

However, I'm not a Vietnamese orphan and I never worked for the school newspaper, so a lot of this was just make believe, too. Make believe is an underrated but essential part of fiction.

How long did it take you to write Sophomore Undercover?

The first draft took about six months or so. Granted, this was a pretty rough draft.

It took me another three months of revisions before I got the draft to a place where I felt I could show it to an agent.

After I hooked up with the agent, it was another seven months of revisions before he felt like we could sell it.

And then after the book sold to Disney-Hyperion, I probably went through another four or five rounds of revisions with my editors over the past year and a half.

So...I guess that makes the grand total of time to get the final book about two and a half years or so. Wow. That is staggeringly long. You kinda lose track of how much time these things actually take.

Do you have any advice or comments for aspiring novelists and the book blogging community?

My key advice to both writers and bloggers is the same thing: Write what you like.

If you're interested and passionate about a subject, that's really going to show through in your writing. Plus, if you're writing a book, you're going to be stuck with this thing for the next few years, anyway. You might as well make sure it's about something that you really like.


Thanks for the interview, Ben! Be sure to keep an eye out for my review!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hunted Book Trailer

When it comes to vampire books, the House of Night series is definitely one of my favorites. I can't wait to read Hunted, the 5th book in the series. It's being released on March 10, 2009, a week from today.

The cover looks amazing and from the following synopsis (from the story itself looks really interesting..

The good news: Zoey’s friends have her back again and Stevie Rae and the red fledglings aren’t Neferet’s secrets any longer. The bad news: Ancient evil with the face of an angel has been let loose – that and various other nasties (whose faces aren’t so angelic). Grandma Redbird is in trouble. Heath is in trouble. The House of Night is in trouble. Okay, let’s face it – Zoey’s whole world is in trouble! But when the trouble comes from a being who appears to be beauty personified, will the world believe it? Especially when only a teenager and a group of misfits are the only ones who really understand the danger he brings. Will Zoey have the strength and wisdom to reveal the truth? Especially when, in the House of Night, the truth is often hard to come by…

So in the meantime, watch this book trailer!

You can read the first chapter here. Once you've done that, you can listen to the second chapter in audio form by clicking below.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee

Synopsis from

Meet Maybelline Mary Katherine Mary Ann Chestnut, named for two Miss Americas and her mother Chessy's favorite brand of mascara. Chessy teaches the students in her charm school her Seven Select Rules for Young Ladies, but she won't tell Maybe who her real father is -- or protect her from her latest scuzzball boyfriend. So Maybe hitches a ride to California with her friends Hollywood and Thammasat Tantipinichwong Schneider (aka Ted) -- and what she finds there is funny, sad, true, and inspiring . . . vintage Lisa Yee.

Absolutely Maybe was an average novel. When reading this, there were times I thought "Alright, this is pretty good. I like this." However there were also times I thought "Wtf? Why is she doing that?" There were a few instances where it was confusing to whether the author meant Maybe as in the character or maybe as in "possibly."

The story just wasn't very realistic overall. First of all, what kind of parent lets their teenage daughter pick up and go to California for the entire summer with two guys? Maybe's biological dad was such an asshole I thought she should've said something more to him to get him to take her seriously. The whole reason for the trip was to locate him, then when she finally did she didn't make much of an effort to build any kind of relationship with him. I felt bad for Maybe because her parents basically suck at parenting. Thank goodness for Sammy or she wouldn't have had any kind of parental figure to look up to. He was one of my favorite characters, actually.

As for living in the dorm lounges, don't colleges have any kind of security? Can just anyone walk into a lounge and, well, live there? I'm not really an expert on protocol for this situation, but it seemed like Maybe got away with being there for a bit too long. Granted, she could've passed for a college student and it wasn't like she was some middle-aged man but I think that probably wasn't the best way for the story to go.

Also, I thought it was highly unlikely that Ted, a completely unexperienced teenage boy, would get a job with an aging movie star. That part was a little strange in my opinion.

I have to say, it's pretty cool that Maybe dyes her hair with kool-aid. After reading this book, I decided I wanted to try dying my hair with kool-aid just to see if it would work. And it did! I now have a purple chunk in the bottom layer of my hair.

So, on the whole, this book was entertaining but not all that memorable. If you're wanting a fun, random, and somewhat crazy novel this might be just what you're looking for. If you're looking for something with some depth, this might not be for you.

3 out of 5 stars

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In My Mailbox 2/23-2/29

All the credit for creating the In My Mailbox feature goes to The Story Siren. You can find out more about it here.

For review:

The Miracle Girls by Anne Dayton & May Vanderbilt
Miss Match by Wendy Toliver (Signed copy and a bookmark)

Shrinking Violet by Danielle Joseph (ARC)
Crowned by Julie Linker (Signed copy with some bookmarks and a really nice note!)

Fairest of Them All by Jan Blazanin (ARC)
Sophomore Undercover by Ben Esch (hardcover)


How To Deal (Someone Like You & That Summer in one volume) by Sarah Dessen

Friday was an amazing day because I got my drivers license, stopped at the post office on the way to school and found all these great books (some of which were signed which makes me extra happy)! To add to my happiness, I got out of taking a history quiz because I missed first period. When I got home later, I found out that I won's January Grab Bag of Books Contest which means that four new books are coming my way.
Yay! My TBR pile #2 is growing as we speak!